ASBBA (Antonio Santorelli's Black Belt Academy) runs a freestyle karate and kickboxing club that develops confidence, discipline, respect, focus and a positive mindset so to enable each member to succeed in what they set their minds to. With classes in Winson Green and Bartley Green, ASBBA Martial Arts has been developing these life skills for over 20 years.

During this time, students have improved behaviour at school, changed their attitude to exams enabling them to achieve one or two grades better than predicted. We even changed the life of a student who was hospitalised through bullying to becoming a world champion. We have had many success stories, many british, european and world champions. We can help unconfident children become confident, stressed out adults to more calm and focused adults... We believe once you explore ASBBA Martial Arts, you will literally be hooked, so book yourself onto one of our 2 week courses at my expense.

Kids with low confidence are more likely to suffer from bullying and are less likely to do their best in their school work. This can affect their self-esteem, making them become more withdrawn.

We know that children with more confidence are much more likely to grow up to be young adults with plenty of healthy self-esteem so they can: Have the strength to say no

At Antonio Santorelli's Black Belt Academy, we have individuals in our community not only just with confidence but with:

 💥More Discipline so that they do their best work their first time, which can lead to better grades at school.
 💥A Positive mindset to overcome any obstacles life throws at them so they can stay on the pathway to success.
 💥The Inner Strength to know that they can not only stand up for themselves against bullying but also be able to stand up for their         friends.
 💥We also help them to develop a “Black Belt attitude”, which leads to greater determination, focus and respect. This helps them to become better leaders in our community.


 If all of this sounds great and you want to know more about how to get your children involved, here is an offer for you. We want to make more impact in our community, so we are looking to help more individuals in our positive start program, which will give you the following:

💥2 Week Trial at my expense
💥Success Analysis so that we can work with you in helping your child build unstoppable confidence
💥Personal Consultation so that we can bridge the gaps that we identify from the child success analysis


Is there a catch?

The only catch is that we ask you to commit to the whole two weeks so that we can show you the value of our karate and kickboxing classes. So if you live in Winson Green and Bartley Green or the surrounding areas like Bournville, Harborne, Edgbaston, Quinton, Smethwick, Oldbury, Handsworth, Selly Oak, Cotteridge, Stirchley, Northfield, Rubery, Longbridge, Kings Norton or Weoely Castle then this is for you. ASBBA Martial Arts has the zero-to-hero programme, which is yours to test for two weeks absolutely free.


To book your free trial click here for Winson Green or here for Bartely Green. 


Call Antonio on 07818 052 978 or email info@asbba.co.uk