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‘Since starting with the Antonio Santorelli’s Black Belt Academy I truly can’t remember the last time I felt this good. Spurred on by my new found fitness levels, I took part in the Cancer Research Race for Life in Sutton Park. I ran the entire course (5km but a marathon to me) which compared to my efforts of a few years back was nothing short of astounding’


I joined the club to keep fit at first, but now I have become interested in competition fighting. Although the class can be physically hard work, I get, a great sense of achievement afterwards and feel more confident

I go kick boxing because I got bullied at school but now that I have started martial arts, it has stopped. Now I am a purple stripe and looking forward in achieving my black belt. Its lots of fun and I’ve learnt loads

  Dear Antonio, Thank you for helping me with my Black Belt grading and all the support and encouragement you gave me. You’re the best teacher in the world.

A big thank-you to Antonio and Shane for making Williams 6th birthday party such a fantastic occasion. All his classmates and friends from ASBBA that went to it had a brilliant time, and on collecting William from school yesterday, I found the party was the talk of the playground amongst parents and kids alike. I can honestly say that it is the only kids party I have ever been to that I would love to go back in time and sit through again, and I know that view is shared by everyone who was there. I just wish I was young enough to join in! Will definitely be booking Williams next party with you and would recommend to anyone whether their children attend martial arts classes or not.
Matthew Lowe

I have trained previously in Kung fu, Shotokan and Jujitsu, and I joined ASBBA to support my daughter who wanted to take up a martial art. She has since left to go to university but I have carried on training with Antonio and the team because ASBBA is quite simply the best and most friendly martial arts club I have encountered. I am 48 now and I train for fitness and weight control. I do enjoy sparing but don’t have time to get involved in competitions and so on. In other clubs this can be a problem but there are no cliques in Antonio’s club – everyone is made very welcome – whatever their training goals are.
Neil Bentley

Our club members at the Cerebal Palsy Midlands really enjoyed your visit and demonstration and being able to take part in your group. The whole club experienced something new and I’m sure we will be working together in some capacity in the near future. Thank you
Gary Watson

Cerebal Palsy Midlands Manager

I started training in 2002 in Oxford with two good friends, I was looking to keep off a large amount of weight that I had lost the year before and to learn some self defence techniques. I quickly found that two nights KB a week was better than three nights at the gym and I really enjoyed the atmosphere of training within a group of like minded individuals. I moved to Birmingham in 2005 and joined ASBBA to continue my education in the sport. Antonio, Adam and Rachel have been a great influence and have taught me not only more about KB but how to teach and coach others. I now not only enjoy the endorphins and adrenaline from training, but I feel pride in helping others to achieve their potential. The club is a good friendly yet disciplined environment and I have made many good friends though the club often meeting socially outside the club.
Carl-Jon Taylor

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